Centrivo Dynamics


We can confidently claim that one of our unique and thoughtfully designed products is the website creator platform – DGBuilder, which, in this competitive and fast-moving industry is a combination of quality and speed when it comes to building an igaming website and what’s unique is that the process of creation takes just a few minutes. DGBuilder offers an impressive array of features from business features to advanced SEO and marketing to create an engaging and user-friendly website, the best environment every player needs. DGBuilder will bring your vision to life with the help of all the intuitive steps, creating a high-performance website, whether you have a technical background or not.


Rich tool base enables easy and attractive branding of a website: colors, font families, website logos, different shapes for buttons, background images and much more.

Menu Management

Language and device-specific flexible menus creation for header, footer, account, mobile navigation, homepage and featured products.

SEO Rule

Advanced SEO tool for adding SEO-friendly content to improve the quality and quantity of traffic to a website from search engines.

Website Business Rule

Setting website rules depending on players behavior to automate the website business processes and reach the right audience, at the right time with the right message.


Easy manageable website dynamic forms like a registration, player profile and login.

Page Management

Managing website pages and create new custom pages by adding any kind of content.

Widget-based Solution

Creating a website from scratch based on widgets with desired structure and solutions for website pages and footer.

Banner and Pop-up Management

Making powerful marketing campaigns or to highlight your special offers to your website visitors.


Centrivo CRM system centralizes customer data, enabling businesses to understand their customers better. iGaming operators can create more targeted marketing campaigns by tracking customer interactions, preferences and behavioral data. This helps in retaining existing customers, which is often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Centrivo CRM users can use advanced filtering tools to segment customers based on any data existing in Centrivo CRM system, allowing for more effective marketing strategies. With the help of dynamic bonus configuration and delivery functionality, Centrivo CRM gives iGaming operators a competitive advantage by offering more attractive and innovative bonuses compared to competitors. The possibility to design and offer custom bonus logics in CRM system and reward players for their ongoing activity, will increase connection between the player and the platform, fostering a sense of loyalty. Overall Centrivo CRM tool is a powerful marketing tool for iGaming operators to engage Players and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Player 360

Unify Player information to personalize experience for every Player.

Marketing Segments

Use advanced filtering to group players into distinct granular groups.

Communication Templates

Create personalized content for your desired communication channel.

Marketing Campaigns

Automate Promotional or A/B Test multichannel marketing campaigns.

Dynamic bonuses

Offer targeted bonuses by configuring gamified bonus conditions.

Campaign metrics

Analyze campaigns performance by calculating the uplift in revenues.

Charts and Dashboards

Identify customers’ behavior, new trends and important KPIs.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate communication providers to use multiple communication channels in campaigns.


Centrivo Retail offers the latest technology-driven all-in-one retail solution specifically designed for land-based betting operations. Aimed at creating high-performance business, we provide everything you need to stay ahead of the action with our streamline cashier operations, self-served terminal and portable POS management, diverse betting options, and versatile franchise capabilities.

Putting aside its business strategy, some of Centrivo Retail’s key qualities are to ensure security, reliability, and scalability for all its users as it finds itself oriented towards creating a safe environment and dependable user experience. In other words, operators guarantee that all incoming bets and sensitive information are protected from unauthorized access or breaches, the system works as intended without interruption or failure, and that it is possible to adapt and grow your business with little in the way of losing performance or efficiency.Centrivo Retail is the best solution for gaining all these advantages!

Unified Operations Hub

ReStreamlined control for multi-brand, multi-currency bet shops, portable POSs, and self-served terminals.inforce the standings on the diverse markets.

Adaptable Franchise Commissions

Empower bet shop owners to sell franchises, manage new bet shops and tailor commissions.

CMS management

Personalize betting tickets and vouchers effortlessly.

Multi-Monitor Livestreaming

Live streams displayed and managed across multiple monitors.

Adaptable Role Administration

Strengthen your business operations with adaptable roles, permissions, and access control.

Detailed Reports and Dashboard

Access real-time insights with targeted reports and dashboards.

Multi-currency/language system

Take the advantage to cater to a diverse audience.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Make your business available from anywhere, with a responsive mobile interface.

Centrivo connect

Centrivo Connect offers casino and business operators an innovative agent system management platform with unparalleled payment flexibility, limitless agent network growth, and strategic commission plans. With the platform devoted to effortless administration you will achieve retail excellence and great agent performance. Also, working with Centrivo Connect makes it easier and faster to monitor business financial performance, simplifying user management. With a mobile friendly interface in the palm of your hand, you can conduct your business on the go and access your admin panel during any time and any place.

Market Tailored Payment Options

Versatile payments through standard, cashless and EPOS channels.

Unlimited Network levels

Limitless agent networks, promoting unrestricted growth and secure transactions.

Success-Oriented Commission Plans

Commissions from GGR, NGR, turnover, deposits, withdrawals sources based on sport odds and betting patterns.

Network with Betshops

Manage bet shops in the agent network, assigning cashiers, managers and portable POSs.

Live Analytical Reports and Dashboards

Facilitate analysis and transparency through transaction reports and dashboards.

Robust User Management

Empower agents with various currencies and customized permissions.

Multi-currency and multi-language system

Take the advantage to cater to a diverse audience.

Mobile Friendly Interface

Make your business available from anywhere with a responsive mobile interface.


Dive your players into an unapparelled betting experience through the native IOS and Android applications. The application has it all to fully enjoy the game, be it the casino featuring a diverse array of slots and live casino games, or the sport betting offering real-time betting on the widest diversity of sports, leagues, teams and markets. The players will enjoy a seamless user interface designed for effortless navigation coupled with bonuses for the upmost gaming experience. The application is featured by the smooth transition between the products and the advanced search functionality for the players to have the quickest access to the required item. For sport enthusiasts the application offers the push-up notification services not to miss important moments of the event.


An effective transition between the casino and sportsbook.

Story Management

Story sequence creation to effectively communicate the information.

Lobby Management

Dynamic Lobby Management tool featuring lobby group creation.

New Sportsbook UI/UX

Sleek design and intuitive navigation for an unparalleled wagering journey.

User Management

Seamless User Management system for enhanced experience.

KYC tool

The advanced KYC tool ensures security and compliance.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming, Self-Exclusion and Reality Check functionalities.

Bonus Campaigns

Targeted bonus campaigns for mobile app users.


Welcome the affiliate management software that will bring your affiliate marketing campaigns to a fully new level within the multi-brand, multi-currency and multilingual system. With the back-office focused on the providing the upmost user experience for both the affiliate manager and the administrator, the system provides an opportunity to customize sub-affiliate programs and enhance the promotions with targeted campaigns, HTML banners, emails, promo coupons and direct links. A fully flexible financial management system is featured by comprehensive commission management tool, negative revenue strategies, advanced reporting tools and cost tracking.

Multi-brand, Multi-Currency, Multilingual

Reinforce the standings on the diverse markets.

Program Website Builde

Customize program website to encourage affiliate registration.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Benefit from targeted campaigns, HTML content and promo coupons.

Financial Automation

Manage negative revenue/CPA, balance adjustment and admin costs.

Targeted Report and Dashboard

Collect statistics on performance of affiliates, players and campaigns.

Tailored Commissions

Player-tiered progressive percentages and flexible hybrid structures.

CENTRIVO platform

Centrivo Dynamics provides a flexible and high-performing iGaming platform that is tailored to your specific business needs.

When it comes to having a high-performing iGaming platform which aims at enhancing your business performance much attention is surely paid to the functionalities and reliability from the end-user perspective. Centrivo Dynamics provides a technology driven centralized solution which is fast, exclusive and scales with your growth by streamlining all the iGaming processes – from interface design with just a couple of clicks, easy activation of Sportsbook and Casino, to brand automation, data analysis, bonus campaign and promotion creation, and much more.

Brand Management

User-oriented, fast and intuitive setup of brands.

UI Customizations

A huge set of easy-to-configure tools and templates.

Bonus Engine

Player engagement with automated and gamified bonuses.

Promotion Tool

Ultimate solution geared towards conquering player loyalty.

Brand Automation

Automated actions in when, how and what manner.

Responsible Gaming

Players’ safety and security with fully configurable tools.

Game and Lobby management

User-friendly and intuitive exploration experience.


Deep insights with comprehensive reports.